Cebu’s Potential

Worldwide resort of Cebu. Rich nature represented by the warm weather, the beautiful beaches. Island of hay fever news. Hospitality of good-natured people.

Great attraction of Cebu Island, beautiful beach resort in the world.
There is a resort facilities, including an hotels and condominiums, you can enjoy all year round marine sports such as scuba diving.
Spa and authentic golf course, beauty salon, restaurants and bars casinos, and shopping centers are enriched, too.
It is a pleasant land not only play, but also to live. Because of the tropical climate, temperature is warm at a constant throughout the year. In addition, since there is no hay fever, it seems some people are Long Stay in Cebu when it comes to the timing of pollen in Japan.
In addition, it is study in the U.S. experience is often the attending physician of private general hospital, medical level is high.
Direct flights from Tokyo has been operating is to Cebu from Japan, it is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. Connecting flight to Manila via the other, from the city of Japan also many flights to Manila is also increase flights in from Japan.

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