Features the history of Cebu

Overview of Cebu

Visaya islands locate at almost center of the Philippines.
It has total 167 islands including Cebu island, which locates 562 km from the south of Manila and has total length of 4,422 km, Bantayan island and Mactan island.
The total area is approximately 5,088 km. It has 5 cities named Cebu, Mandaue, Laplap, Toredo and Danao and 148 Barangays.
Cebu city is the second biggest city in the Philippines. It is the place of origin for Christian in the Philippines and the oldest city which developed first town in the Philippines.

Source : TRAVEL GUIDE CEBU It’s more fun of the Philippines published by Development of the tourism in the Philippines

History of Cebu

Cebu was called “Sugbu” or “Zubu” before it Had been colonized by Spanish. Cebu was the trading port that marchants from China, Thailand, East Indies and Arabia kingdom had visited.
April,7,1571, Ferdinand Magellan, who was an explorer arrived at Cebu. King Humabon, who controlled Cebu at that time, welcomed Magellan well and converted to catholic together with queen Juana and 400 of servants.

Magellan memorialized them and built the cross and gave them Santo Nino, which is the scripture of young Christ. After that, Magellan was defeated and killed by Lapu-Lapu who was the head of Mactan Island, however, Legazpi and Urdaneta came to Cebu with Spanish army and started to immigrate there on April, 28, 1565. They also built Santo Nio Curch, University of San Carlos and Colon Street. There were the first church, university and street in the Philippines.

Cebu had been the capital in the Philippines during 6years after Spanish immigrated in Cebu. After Spanish–American War in 1898, American governments set up infrastructure during the under rule of America and Cebu have developed as the trade center. During World War 2, Cebu was the main army base of Japan, especially Antoanga and Babak was exposed by bomb.
The Philippines was independent from America in1946 and Cebu is now developing together with Manila. Today, cebu are thronged with people as one of the best beach resorts in the world.

Source : TRAVEL GUIDE CEBU It’s more fun of the Philippines published by Development of the tourism in the Philippines

Features of Cebu

The resort in Cebu is one of the most attractive resorts in the world. There are many facilities and accommodations such as condominiums and hotels. There are also many marine sports such as diving that can be play whole o the year. There are also golf club, SPA, beauty salon, casino, restaurant bar and shopping mall. Cebu is comfortable land not only to play but also to live. The temperature is stable and warm through the year because of tropical climates. There is no pollen allergy at all, so some of Japanese came to Cebu and stay longer when it is the pollen allergy season in japan. Many doctors in general hospital in the city have experience to study in US, therefore we can say the medical level in Cebu is high. There is also direct flights from Tokyo, japan to Cebu and it will take around 4hour and half. There are also many transit flights such as via manila, and adding the flights from Manila to Japan. Nowadays, there are many Japanese who choose Cebu to study English. This is because Filipinos has high English skills on average.

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