The attractive of overseas real estate investment

1) The height of the future due to economic growth

This is the current situation of the real estate investment in Japan is said to plateau already, it has been no longer hope for many albeit low risk, a gain on the sale or transfer.
When considering the investment by taking advantage of the assets of your own, real estate overseas can be expected to rise in real estate prices along with the economic growth is very attractive.

2) The risk hedge by the dispersion of assets

There is a huge debt as a nation is Japan. That decline and the Japanese yen, also for hedging risk in domestic investment, and at a profit in currency other than the yen, it is allowed to distribute the assets is also important.

3) Low price of the property at the time of purchase

Prices are cheaper when compared with Japan Cebu, Philippines, it is pricing that is easy to buy real estate. There is also a cheap labor costs, you can purchase on favorable terms than domestic real estate be considered as well as maintenance costs.

4) Sense of security assets that form, referred to as "real estate"

Sale is possible in the case of emergency.

5) I own life and after retirement, the refuge at the time of emergency

Because of the mild climate, and more during the winter, and spend by moving to Cebu only time of hay fever has also increasingly Cebu, Philippines.
There is also a way of thinking and the future of your own, your family, of having overseas bases in preparation and disaster to the "emergency". But instead of thinking in Japan alone, the field of view spread by looking at the world, life becomes richer.

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