Our Mission

Superordinate concept

Corporate policy


Now, Japanese is required to play an active part in the world beyond language barrier as Japanese spirit (ex. To make much of manners and proprieties, to be tolerant and make a concession for others, to show respect to nature and gods) has made a foundation of world-recognized “Japan Quality”. We set the mission to create a hope and a dream for future through providing work and education to the people who aim at world.
For Japanese, to be a capable person who can play an active part in the world and create such places by acquiring license called “English”. To be a hope to people in the Philippine by changing their energy to motivation.
And for people in the Philippine, to be human resources who learn Japanese technique and quality through work and education and make economic activities with dream and desire.
Ilandway Philippine aims for “Human Resource Development” of which people can play an active part in the world.

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